Lately I’ve detected an interesting phenomenon: A man is apprehended during or after committing a crime, such as armed robbery or murder. The spokesperson for the law enforcement agency refers to this person as, “The gentleman “.

Now this is farcical! This is not the case of paying respect to human dignity. This is the watering down of the quality of propriety in human communication.

In the eyes of impressionable children this could mitigate the seriousness of the man’s thuggery , who has committed the most dastardly of crimes, in some cases in front of security cameras. -- After all, many parents at one time or other, harangued their male children that gentleman don’t behave like this or that.

Just to punctuate the above, a couple of hours ago on a news channel a woman who in her own words ”was badly assaulted “on a beach, started to describe her traumatic experience by saying, “ These gentlemen were sitting on the beach. One of them got up and……”

Just think! A mature woman, a victim of a serious crime, apparently is conditioned to refer to her attackers as “gentlemen“. This is not the way to go.

Of course, the meaning of the world gentleman may be gradually lessened until it will be proper to refer to every scum bug on earth as gentleman.

Any other half decent male will be known as “Dude”-- Decent ones will be called, “Dodo”