Let's not shed crocodile tears over the handcuffing and arrest of an Environment Canada contractor at work for allegedly leaking a secret government draft.

Although the worker was released from custody several hours later without charges, the leader of the NDP, Jack Layton and public service union leaders started their sanctimonious veiling and accusations that the Conservatives are sending bureaucrats a frightening message.

This “message” is judicious in this emerging era of disrespect for the practice of confidentiality and the frequent breach of trust by civil servants who took an oath of confidentiality at the beginning of their career.

Those who are trying to present this case as a witch-hunt against some heroic “whistleblower” who is only trying to save his fellow Canadians from a Machiavellian conspiracy by the big bad government, are dishonest and phony:

Show me the union leader, who would be pleased about an employee, who is working at the union’s head office and during sensitive negotiations with the company, would leak a document detailing the union’s goal and strategy in the forthcoming negotiating sessions.--

The same goes for Jack Layton and for every person employed by his organization.