Most of us believe that when we leave a tip in a restaurant the servers share their tips with bussers and some members of kitchen-staff. This is a generally accepted practice in the restaurant business.

Unfortunately, we hear of an increasing number of complaints about
restaurant managers and owners without shame taking a cut from the waiters' tips. How low can one get?

According to a New Democrat MPP, based on his research, anywhere from 0.5 % up to 4% of servers' tips is pocketed by the owner or by the manager running the place.

This shameless manifestation of greed must be brought to a halt. This is almost like a parent taking a cut from a child's pennies earned from selling lemonade at an improvised lemonade stand. It just won't wash!

As the proverb says, "Big mouthfuls often choke." Perhaps the greedy
managers and owners bit off more than could chew:

To protect these workers, an NDP MPP introduced a private member's bill to amend Ontario's Employment Standards Act.

Bill 114 would add just one sentence to the act: "An employer shall not take any portion of an employee's tips or other gratuities."

Actually, most restaurant owners are decent and favour the bill.

Servers more often than not earn minimum wage but they're taxed on the premise they'll make an additional 12 to 15 per cent in tips. If an owner is taking a portion of that tip, the server not only loses the tip but also loses a disproportionate amount of money to income taxes.

If restaurant costumers become aware of this disgusting practice, they may advise the owner of the establishment that they abhor the practice and will take their business elsewhere.

And last, customers can always expose the greedy ones on Facebook and
on other web forums.