Our ally Hamid Karzai might support our enemy in US-Pakistan conflict. In Karzai's words, "God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan," Karzai said in an interview to Pakistan's Geo television.

We are aware of Mr. Karzai's precarious situation heading a very corrupt government and leading a population that after ten years of western efforts, billions of dollars, many thousands of dead people, Canadians, Americans, British and other coalition soldiers still is not enamored by the democracy we are trying to advocate.

Many of them want western troops to leave and just get back to their thousands of years long tribal conflicts and way of life and ensure that no female gets the idea of shedding the burka.

For Mr. Karzai to say that Afghanistan will side with Pakistan if the uneasy alliance between the US and Pakistan transforms into hostilities is disgusting and thoughtless.

Just how the parents, spouses and loved ones of the tens of thousands coalition troops feel who had sacrificed their one and only life for Afghanistan's free future, hearing Mr.Karzai?

I have seen the tearful people along the so-called Highway of Heroes when the hearse solemnly transports dead young Canadian men and women who had made the ultimate sacrifice for the people of Afghanistan and for Mr. Karzai to be able to say unacceptable things, one would not expect from a "Friend".