As if we have not had enough of bad luck, new taxes and superlative speeches by politicians promising a better future, fate has thrown in a monkey wrench for those of us who believed in election promises and U.N. resolutions: Folks, the purported end of the world is predicted for next year as the Mayan calendar long-count completes and zero day arrives on December 21, 2012.

The emerging media hysteria and internet traffic regarding this oncoming “happening” is gaining strength and will exceed everything else we have read and seen to date on the Looney-tune frequencies.

Hark back to the Y2K fiasco. Innovative self-starters and professional hucksters have made fortunes on the calculated fear created by the expected end of our cyber dependent existence.

- Unless of course we bought the flood of recommended software and IT honchos were installing and modifying systems to avoid the expected disaster. Well, the day came and the world went on - Even the taxes were promptly collected in the following days and weeks.

As for the coming date with the end of the world? Not much we can do to avoid what’s coming. I doubt if even Mr. Gore the savior of the earth and other proponents of a hefty carbon tax could stop what is in store for us. What a bummer!

There is very little we can do. The ancient Maya sacrificed virgins and goats at the first omen of pending doom. Those were futile efforts and could not deter the Spanish conquistadors for ending the Maya’s world forever.

We may sacrifice some of our computers and recently purchased tablets that did not deliver the wonders the cute TV commercials had promised.

But relax things are not as bad and the world will not end on December 21, 2010.

Some people, the victims of the new breed and burgeoning charlatans may will feel they have reached the end of their rope after they have been cleaned out of cash. There will be promises of individual and collective salvation. The sale of talismans, special courses, online deals, will turn into a frenzy as the date gets closer.

Just remember, The 12-21-12 prediction is based on fabrications and a lack of comprehension.. None of the liars, con-men, users of drugs and kooks were expert in science. So, when December 21 st comes around, have a good time and watch your wallet.