We have already heard of a growing number of instances where someone lost a job because of something in the person's Facebook page did not go well with the employer.

Others failed to get a job due to a would be employer' curiosity about the applicant's ideas, deeds, etc., as laid out on the Facebook account for everyone to read it.

So far so good and there is little to complain about it.

However, like the stranglehold of a boa constrictor some employers now are pressuring the job seeker and pushing the envelope by going a step further to wet applicants. Why not ? It's an employer's market and applicants are dime a dozen for most jobs. Now some employer's asking to log in as the user to snoop around in the applicant's Facebook account. - This is like asking someone to hand over the apartment key and the bank account password if the person wants to be considered for the job.

The legality of this practice must be determined as soon as possible and put and end to this shameless abuse without delay.

Many people are hesitant to say no to such a practice although it violates their privacy in a way that should not happen in a democracy But they need a job, have loans to pay, feed a family and they simply comply. It should not be like this and we should not tolerate this unsavory practice. If we are conditioned to accept this "new" modus operandi, we may rightly ask: What's next?